iPurse my essential Fashion Need- Pouch- Portefeuilles

iPurse my essential Fashion Need- Pouch.

Whether you’re a college girl or a working woman, the iPurse is perfect for you. If you’re searching for the perfect purse that can tote your smart phone, your music device or MP3 as well as your lipstick, the iPurse is what you are looking for. The iPurse looks neat, sleek and trim and does the job.



For the college student busily running from class to class, the iPurse is ideal. If you’ve got your hands full of books, schedules and notes, with the iPurse you’ll have one less thing to jjuggle. The iPurse comes with a strap so you can conveniently strap it on your shoulder and go. The iPurse lets you have your phone, iPod and money at your fingertips while keeping your hands free to carry your books and take notes. Have to grab a meal on the go in between classes? With the iPurse your money is at the tip of your fingers and you won’t have to juggle a lunch tray and a clunky, heavy bag. Going out right after a day of classes? You won’t have to worry about the right bag. The iPurse is ready to go from day to night with an assortment of chic and trendy designs. With so many different designs to choose from you’re going to want to own more than one. The iPurse is handmade so you know you’re getting a quality purse. And for the college girl on a tight budget, you won’t have to worry about dipping into your school savings to afford one.


If you’re a working woman, a busy professinal on the go, the iPurse works for you too.If you find yourself running out the door with a heavy, clunky bag, briefcase, umbrella and more, the iPurse will make life easier for you. The iPurse lets you keep your ‘must have’ essentials right at your fingertips. What working woman wouldn’t like to be able to find her cell phone immediately instead of digging through a big, messy bag? The iPurse is ideal for a quick trip to the ladies room at the office to freshen up one’s lipstick as well. The iPurse is functional and fashionable with basic solid colors as well as one of a kind unique designs. The iPurse means you won’t be bogged down with bunch of unsightly straps on your shoulders. Because it is compact and neat, you can tuck the iPurse into your brief case and look neat and professional for the office.

Best of all, the handmade iPurse means a quality purse at a price that means you can own more than one.

Robin Trehan is a brand management expert and fashion sage. www.iPurse.com