iPurse Pouch is Super Sexy Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com

iPurse Pouch is Super Sexy Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com.

If you love the convenience of being able to take your music library wherever you go with an music device, the iPurse is the next ‘must have’ item. The iPurse is perfect for every woman. The iPursemakes it a breeze to take those ‘can’t do without’ essentials wherever you go.

Portefeuilles- Pouch

Portefeuilles- Pouch


The last thing any woman wants to do is have to tote a heavy, clunky bag with her on a romantic night on the town. Those heavy, clunky bags have to be stowed and maneuvered under the table but the iPurse sits elegantly and neatly on your lap as you enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Nothing is worse than having to squeeze out of your cozy table for two while maneuvering a clunky, clumsy bag between tightly appointed tables. Worse yet, every woman has been through that embarrassing spot when your clunky, clumsy bag, in an effort to maneuver it to your shoulder, swung around and hit another diner in the back.


On your way out to a dance party? Don’t let that heavy, clunky bag get in the way of stepping out on the dance floor. With the iPurse you don’t have to worry about leaving your valuables unattended. Just strap the iPurse across your shoulder and you’re ready to hit the dance floor without a care in the world. The iPurse is small and easy to carry and yet still holds your money, music device, identification and more.


The iPurse offers you the opportunity to wear fashionable looks that go with any style.


Their unique look makes them chic and trendy. Though the iPurse is hand made, it’s so affordable that you may want to own more than one to complete your wardrobe.


There’s an iPurse to suit your unique taste, whether you prefer a solid basic color or a hip, trendy design. The iPurse is just as at home at work, tucked in your brief case, as it is at a romantic night spot, a crowded dance floor or a party. The iPurse makes it easy to just grab what you need and go no matter where you’re going. It looks great no matter where you’re going.


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