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If you are looking for a purse and are tired of all the look a likes and the styles that you already own, look no further than the iPurse. If you consider yourself a purse connoisseur  and you think there isn’t a purse out there that you don’t have, the iPurse will change your mind. The iPurse is the newest look in purses. The sexy, chic and trendy designs are for every woman and every look. The iPurse is unique in that there are many looks to choose from whether you are looking for a sexy, basic black or a trendy, fun design. It’s also unique because the iPurse is handmade and affordable. With an affordable price tag and unique one of kind designs, you will want to own more than one or buy several to suit certain outfits.Pouch, iPurse

The unique design of the iPurse is a conversation starter. Its unique look and unusual one of kind designs will turn heads and get other women talking wherever you go. Whether you are shopping for a chic look to complement your work attire or a trendy, sexy purse that completes your look for a night out on the town, you will only need one purse with the iPurse. The design of the iPurse lets you take along the items you can’t do without from your lipstick to your music device and cell phone. With the iPurse you don’t have to sacrifice chic and fashionable for functional. The iPurse offers you a sturdy strap to hang your iPurse on your shoulder leaving your hands free to tackle your busy, active life.

The compact, unique design of the iPurse means that the iPurse can go wherever you go. Heading out for a night of dinner and dancing? The iPurse is your perfect partner. With the iPurse you won’t have to worry about where to put a bulky, clunky bag while you dine at a tiny restaurant table. Ready to dance? You won’t have to worry about leaving a clunky, heavy bag unattended while you hit the dance floor. The iPurse conveniently hangs on your shoulder and it’s compact, sleek design won’t hinder your dance moves and you won’t have to worry about if it’s safe. The iPurse is ideal for a busy work day filled with meetings and a business lunch. You can slip the iPurseinto your brief case and run to meetings with everything you need looking professional and chic at the same time.



If you’re shopping for a purse that is unique and trendy, the iPurse is your one stop shop for chic and trendy purses. Once you have one iPurse you’ll want to own them all.


Robin Trehan is a brand management expert and fashion sage. www.iPurse.com


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