Pretty Women, Pretty Purse- iPurse Pouch collection

Pretty Women, Pretty Purse- iPurse Pouch collection.

If you are a woman who loves to travel but hates having to juggle a big, clunky purse while seeing the sites, the iPurse will make it easy to keep your camera at hand while still having all your ‘must have’ essentials along with you. The compact, hand made iPurse is the perfect traveling companion for you whether you are sightseeing locally or traveling through new and foreign lands. The iPurse was designed specifically for the woman of today who enjoys the convenience of technology as she travels the globe. The iPurse is perfect for your, cell phone, digital camera, music device and more. The iPurseis also ideal for the traditional items you can’t leave home without – lipstick, mints, gum, keys and cash.



If you have ever traveled, even just for a weekend, you know what it is like to have to juggle and maneuver a handbag, make-up bag or small tote. Though you love to travel and see new places, you probably don’t love the idea of not having everything you need at your fingertips. The iPurse will let you keep your technological gadgets and your everyday ‘must haves’ at your side. Besides being functional, the iPurse is trendy and fashionable. The iPurse is available in an array of solid colors that will work with any wardrobe, whether you are dressing up or ‘dressing down’. For a hip, unique look consider choosing from one of the many unique, one-of-a-kind designs that the iPurse comes in. The iPurse is the perfect choice whether you are spending the day on a walking tour or visiting historic buildings and the countryside. And the iPurse is so affordable that you won’t have to cut back on spending when it comes to souvenir collecting. Once you own one iPurse you will want to collect one for each of your favorite outfits.


Are you planning that big once in a life time trip? If you’re busy shopping for the right wardrobe for your travels you will want to add the iPurse to your ‘must buy’ list. Just as you will want to bring along a comfortable pair of walking shoes, you will want to have your iPurse on your shoulder, keeping your ‘must haves’ at your side. With the iPurse you won’t find yourself juggling bags from hand to hand as you try to get the perfect picture. For your next trip treat yourself to the ultimate accessory by bringing along the iPurse – the perfect traveling companion.


Robin Trehan is a brand management expert and fashion sage.