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pouch- pouch.you’re looking for a purse that can keep up with your busy, non-stop life, the iPurse is the purse. Women are busier now than they’ve ever been before, pursuing more education, careers and balancing families too. If you’re on the go you need a bag that not only can keep up with your needs but look great too. If you’re a busy, modern woman on the go the iPurse is the perfect choice for you.



Wherever you need to be, the iPurse can go with you. The iPurse can hit the ground running, at home in the classroom and ideal for busy hands juggling heavy textbooks and tight schedules. It’s ideal for you if you need to have your cell phone, music device and essentials at hand while attending classes.

If you are a busy career woman with no time to spare the iPurse will make your life easier. Unlike those big, bulky clunky purses that leave you fishing to find your phone or lipstick, the iPurse is compact and organized. Your cell phone or music player is at your fingertips and can be found within seconds. Need a quick touch up before heading out to that meeting? With the iPurse you won’t be wasting precious time fishing around for your lipstick or blush. The iPurse puts everything at your fingertips. Whether you’re in and out of meetings or running to a business lunch the iPurse works for you.

If you’re a mom with a tight, busy schedule the iPurse makes getting out with the kids less frustrating. The iPurse lets you bring your essentials along without having to lug a heavy, clunky handbag alongside diaper bags or kiddies backpacks. With a sturdy, reliable shoulder strap you can hang your iPurse on your shoulder and free up your hands for baby and toddlers. Whether you’re spending a day at the park or heading out to the zoo, the iPurse takes the worry out of forgetting any essentials and offers the convenience of having everything within reach. The iPurse is the perfect choice for busy moms and because they’re hand made they offer lasting quality. Yet because their hand made it doesn’t mean they’re ridiculously expensive. These unique, compact purses are not only fashionable and functional but affordable so that you’ll have to own more than one.

ipurseToday’s busy, modern woman wants a chic and trendy purse that looks great no matter what she wears, but she needs a purse that also works as hard as she does. The iPurse is the answer for today’s busy, modern woman’s quest for chic, fashionable and functional.


Robin Trehan is a brand management expert and fashion sage. www.iPurse.com

iPurse Pouch.com Portefeuilles

iPurse Pouch.com.

Here is why the iPurse is the ultimate accessory for this summer. The iPurse is designed to hold your essentials while being a sexy and trendy accessory. It not only stores your belongings, but it stores them well. The iPurse is also the best way to take your music with you as you go while keeping it discrete and fashionable.



Pouch Portefeuilles- iPurse

Pouch Portefeuilles- iPurse


Whether you are a working professional or a college schoolgirl, the iPurse will answer all your portable storing needs for your personal items. On the way to the beach or vacation spot, there is always that one more thing you will need before you get into the car, at every rest stop, while on the road or even when you hit the sand. Your most important items will be accommodated in your iPurse since it is a rough-and-tumble beach ready accessory.


iPurse comes in many cool and colorful designs to accentuate your summer trip. Whether it is to another state, a foreign country, a beach on the other end of the island or to elegant nights out, iPurse can be your best friend in getting ready for a good time. Imagine being able to have all your tunes with you on any given occasion to fit the situation each and every time. No other female accessory can boast this kind of attractive design intentionally built into their product.


To answer why the iPurse is the ultimate accessory for this summer, consider that every girl regardless of age or background wants to stand out in a good way, the iPurse does this with its remarkable design initiative and handmade craftsmanship. It is typical for its loyal customers to buy more than one to complement every dress, style, or occasion.


You are sure to turn heads when using the iPurse. This is a remarkable product that every modern woman would want to carry around with her. Own one of the most exclusive, chic, elegant and functional accessories currently on the market. Own the iPurse and you too will learn of its many benefits. You will never want to put it down.


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Fall and Winter Line of Pouch

Fall and Winter Line of iPurse.com Pouch Collection is perfect for this season.iPurse CEO, Robin Trehan told that fall and winter line of iPurse.com Collection is available in the store, so it is the time to update the wardrobes by taking some purse from www.store.ipurse.com and using it as winter line. iPurse Season collections can totally adapt for all seasons and are fit with all dresses, whether a swingy coat or a curvy dress. iPurse fashion trends can be a terrific option which can give a beautiful all year around.



Robin Trehan said the success of a brand is a perfect blend of the three attributes identity, image and profile. The qualities of the brand, which can adapt according to the season lead to the overall success of the brand. As the season, changes and so the dresses;  iPurse gives the natural look to entire outfit. iPurse style and design was already suited for the autumn, spring and summer seasons, and now winter is also added to the line.

From the splendid array of iPurses fall and winter collection can be chosen, various fascinating and pastel color purses can make the right accessories and give a sophisticated look. The iPurse Tai Tai is available in blue or red color and complements the evening parties. The Half Circle iPurse is available in Silver, Faschia and Mauve colors, any outside party will be more exciting as this purse will impress everyone.




iPurse is the registered brand name having an extensive selection of iPurses to keep basic personal things, such as, mobile phones, sunglasses in it. Gone are the days when the oversized bags were shopped for the most. It’s time to change and get an iPurse. iPurse will be the cynosure of all eyes and receive heads turning. Nowadays, fashion is a necessity and is an aptitude. The iPurse only compliments couture. To update one’s wardrobe perfectly select fall and winter line of iPurses from the store http://store.ipurse.com.


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Portefeuilles.com Designer Pouch- iPurse Portefeuilles

Portefeuilles.com Designer Pouch.

There is a new accessory product on the market that will interest every fashion-conscience woman. It is the iPurse. It is available in all the bright, new colors and will match all the styles and designs of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

When a woman leaves home, these days, she will be a picture of independence and freedom. The price to pay for this freedom and independence is low; nevertheless there are certain items she must have with her. A cell phone is a must along with credit and cash cards and identification documents and papers. A stylish woman will want to have a few items of make up along with her too, to ensure that made up, fresh look that requires a little attention occasionally. A small mirror and a tube of lipstick along with a compact powder puff are all essential for the chic woman to have at her fingertips all the time.


Pouch- Portefeuilles- Pouch

Pouch- Portefeuilles- Pouch



iPurseAll these items, and a few more that tend to accumulate, can be carried comfortably and easily and, most importantly, stylishly, in an iPurse. This practical, yet elegant, fashion accessory is a must for the modern woman. The iPurse is small enough to be discreet, and therefore, extremely easy and convenient to carry with you if you are enjoying an experience at a fine dining restaurant, where it can be left nonchalantly at your side on the table or even in your lap. If you decide to patronize a theatre or movie, the iPurse does not have the cumbersome, bulk of a most other bags and will ensure that you don’t feel weighed down and have to lug a large bag around with you all night, while still feeling secure and confident in the knowledge that you have all the makeup you need to keep you feeling fresh and ready to handle whatever the night brings.



The iPurse really does have all a modern woman needs while having the compactness to ensure freedom of movement and the flexibility to provide independence, safety and security in the knowledge that all a woman’s accessories are close at hand in a fashionable, stylish portable make-up bag.


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iPurse is exploring…Pouch.com- exclusive from Portefeuilles

iPurse is exploring…Pouch.com.

In a press release, on 15th October, 2011, CEO of iPurse, Robin Trehan said, “We will be exploring strategic options in terms of licensing of brands.” Robin Trehan, CEO of iPurse, explained the importance of brands in the fashion world, and told that he is considering the possibility of brand licensing so as generating additional revenue and utilizing it in the further growth of the product lines and business, as well.

The process of Brand Licensing is responsible for managing the contracts between the trademark owner and a company or individual who wants to join their product with the brand name for a given period of time within a specified territory. Both the manufacturer and brand owner get benefitted by the brand licensing.

The fundamentals of the Sigmoid Curve can be utilized for understanding the time, need and challenge for any business transformation efforts. Sigmoid Curve is an S-shaped curve, metaphor for all stages of development, like the waxing and waning of the product’s popularity. The secret of the steady growth lies in starting a new sigmoid curve before the first one fades out. iPurse CEO emphasized on the evolution of branding in context with the new e- commerce era. He also explained about how the sigmoid curve is an essential component in evolving the fashion feeds and the need to stay ahead of the curve.



Basically creating S curves within the existing S curves!

iPurse™ is a registered trademark. It is not only a basic accessory, but also a trend setter for giving you an elegant look. The iPurse is an ideal choice for the music lovers who love listening while moving and keeping it stylish and discrete at a time. iPurse™ serves the need of everyone whether you are college girl or working professionally, personalized items can be well kept inside it. To know more about the different products for this month, visit

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Portefeuilles Pouch for today’s Women-iPurse – Fashionable Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com

Pouch for today’s Women-iPurse – Fashionable Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com.

Technology isn’t the only aspect of our lives that is advancing to keep up with the busy women of today. Today’s busy woman needs a cell phone to put her in touch with the important people in her life at the touch of a button. There are phone apps to organize all of her needs and wants and an music device that holds thousands of her favorite songs in a convenient compact size. The internet makes it possible to find and buy anything she needs and now there’s a purse that is the design of the future. The iPurseis the purse of the future for the woman who is looking for the latest designs in products that will make her life easier and organized.

Portefeuilles Pouch Purse

Portefeuilles Pouch Purse

The busy woman of today keeps up with all the latest trends in technology in a quest to find the things that make her life run smoother and easier. Cell phones make it easy to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues. Music device make it easy to take her favorite songs wherever she goes, whether commuting to work or working out at the gym. She is looking for ways to multitask and get through that long list of ‘to do’s’ so she can find some ‘me’ time.




If you’re still lugging around that heavy, clunky bag that holds everything but the kitchen sink, the iPurse can take some weight off your shoulders while still carrying your ‘must have’ essentials at your side. The iPurse is a chic and trendy purse that’s perfect for carrying your cell phone, music device, lipstick and more. The compact size of the iPurse looks sleek and saves you the time you waste searching for a ringing phone or that lipstick you need in a hurry for a  touch-up. Though it’s the purse of the future, the quality of the hand made iPurse offers you excellence at a price that you can afford. You will not have to spend a fortune to get a purse that keeps up with the times. The iPurse comes in a choice of solid colors or designs as unique and trendy as you are. Keeping up with the latest gadgets isn’t just for music and computers. The iPurse is the purse of the future and its available now for the savvy woman who wants a purse that is fashionable yet functional.

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Portefeuilles| Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com

An exotic Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com.

If you’re looking for a new accessory to liven up your wardrobe the iPurse will add an exotic touch to your every day life. The iPurse is a compact purse that looks chic and trendy with anything you wear. The array of styles that the iPurse comes in means that you can use it for work or play. The iPurse is perfect for carrying your cell phone, music device, money, card, keys and more. With an iPurse you can have an exotic look and still have all of your ‘must have’ essentials at your fingertips.

Portefeuilles- ipurse pouch

Portefeuilles- ipurse pouch

If you have a night on the town coming up the iPurse will complete your look for the evening. Whether you’re wearing your little black dress or a special one-of-a-kind dress the iPurse will add an exotic air to your look. The iPurse is hand made, ensuring you a quality product that will keep up with your busy life. Hand made doesn’t mean pricey when it comes to the iPurse. At an affordable price you will want to own more than one. There’s an iPurse for any outfit that you want a finished look for. Turn a plain old dress into an exotic outfit simply by carrying the iPurse.  Add an air of mystery to a boring sweater and slacks with an iPurse. The one of a kind designs that the iPurse is available in are great conversation starters and make you stand at wherever you are.

The iPurse is a great accessory for a girl’s night out and sure to be the envy of your girlfriends. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your look, the iPurse will make you feel exotic and trendy. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars replacing your wardrobe when owning an iPurse can affordably add a unique and unusual flare to your closet.

The iPurse will give you that trendy, exotic look you’re looking for as well as a purse that fits your busy, active lifestyle. Once you own one iPurse you’ll want one for every outfit in your closet, whether for work or play.


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Portefeuilles, Sexy iPurse Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com




Hot Beach, Sexy Bikini, Sexy iPurse Pouch | Pouch.com- Pouch- Pouch- Pouch.com.

Spring is here and if you’re getting your diet and exercise plan in full gear, you’re probably also thinking about finding the right bikini. Summer will be here before you know it and the latest and greatest bikinis are on the racks ripe for the picking. If you’re working hard for the perfect beach body and plan on showing it in a high fashion bikini, don’t forget the right accessories make the look. Don’t even think of wearing the latest bikini without accessorizing it with the latest purse, the iPurse.


With the warm weather beginning you’re probably ready to ditch that heavy, clunky big purse and pick up something small and chic. But like most women, you’re probably wondering how you will be able to keep all of your ‘must haves’ at your side. With the iPurse you will not have to sacrifice carrying a functional bag for a purse that looks great on the beach. The iPurse was made with you in mind. The iPurse makes it possible to carry your Phone, music device, lipstick, money and more on the beach without weighing you down with a bulky look. The chic iPurse makes it possible to have everything you want at your fingertips while still looking sexy and chic on the beach.

Whatever color or style bikini you choose this season, there’s an iPurse that will match and complement it. The iPurse is a hand made top quality purse without the usual high price tag so you will want one for every bikini in your summer wardrobe. Choose an iPurse in a solid basic color that works with every bikini you own or choose a one-of-a-kind unique design that expresses your creative side.  The iPurse is a fun and sexy new way to tote your ‘must haves’ as you hit the sand for fun in the sun. With the iPurse on your shoulder your beach body will turn heads and get lips talking. When it comes to the right summer accessories on the beach the iPurse is one you can afford and one you can’t afford to be without.


No matter which iPurse you choose, you can be sure that that it will complement the beach body you worked so hard for and flatter that special bikini.

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