This Moment is yours- Blockchain Charities- Robin Trehan

Can Blockchain Technologies Help Charities? Imagine donating to your favorite charities using any currency you want, using your bank account, mobile device or another payment platform. The easier it becomes to donate a dollar, the more likely people are willing to give it. It’s why we see more people donating via grocery stores that allow […]

Blockchain: The Disruption In The Banking Sector- Robin Trehan

For decades, central banks paved the way for smaller commercial banks to grow and expand. But now there is a potential disruption in the wake of the emergence and adoption of blockchain. This is more than just a buzzword, but the potential evolution of the financial services ecosystem. Commercial banking institutions are tired of waiting […]

CAMELS in banking

The banking system is regarded as the back bone of economy. Not only does it provide easy equity solutions to the common man, it gives support to the government too. Due to such hefty importance of the banking sector, the sector is watched over acutely by analyst and the likes. The functioning of banks always […]

Owning a bank

Owning a bank is one thing, but knowing how to run it is another. Banking facts and your bank balance sheet may speak about your banking progress, and knowing the different aspects is important to your banking success. Banking ratios significantly determine the financial position of your bank. Mainly, you need to know Capital and […]

Banking Ratios and CAMELS Rating To Look at While Buying a Small Bank

If you’re interested in buying a small bank, what should you focus on? Experts suggest that you look into the banking ratios and the CAMELs rating. These two factors determine the success rate and the bank’s profitability that you should consider. Whenever you buy a small bank, the competition may be slightly difficult to handle. […]

Asset Quality, Liquidity, Earnings, Capital, Sensitivity to Market Risk, Management.- Robin Trehan

There are multitudes of issues to work on while analyzing a bank. They can be broken down to Asset Quality, Liquidity, Earnings, Capital, Sensitivity to Market Risk, Management. Asset Quality- Distribution and Severity of Classified Assets. Substandard, Doubtful, or Loss. Asset Quality of adversely classified assets, nonaccruals, and concentration of risk inherent in the loan […]